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YOU are a rebel. Whether you admit it or not, you’re a rebel against the living God. It’s your natural disposition because we were all born in sin. Because of that, you’re living in a prison cell with a death sentence pronounced upon you because you are undeniably guilty. Because of your guilt, the enemy has the legal right to harm and harass you until your final day when he will devour you. And he takes great pleasure in your destruction. There is no parole. No chance of escape. Your final day is approaching quickly. You’re doomed.

Into that prison cell walks Jesus. He steps between you and the enemy, shielding you from the his blows. He takes all of the enemy’s blows that rightfully belong to you. He took all of the punishment for your guilt FOR you.

That’s the extraordinary reality. Jesus was beaten to a pulp and died. God died! For you. Condemned and guilty and deserving of death and eternal torment for your rebellion against not only the Creator of all things, but the God that created YOU.

But Jesus’s sacrificed Himself in your place to satisfy the law. The enemy no longer has any claim on you because Jesus paid the price. In full. Not because you’re a good person or because you were worthy or special. You were guilty and wicked in your rebellion. When you receive that extraordinary gift, freely, the sign that read ‘’Condemned’’ that hung over your prison sells falls to the floor. Your shackles fall off your wrists. The prison door opens. You’re free! His sacrifice legally pronounces you ‘’Justified!’’ ‘’Forgiven!’’ ‘’Redeemed!’’ The eternal price for your guilt was paid. Once and for all time.

But there’s more. Much, much more. Jesus shed His blood to free you but He didn’t just deal with the consequences or the penalty of sin. He dealt with the problem of sin itself. The prison door he opened is on the prison cell of sin. Check the door. It’s open! Walk out and smell the fresh air of freedom and liberty that’s you can have in the life of Jesus Christ!


You’ll find there’s a chariot waiting. His emissary is waiting there with a personal invitation requesting the pleasure of your presence in His presence! Not just when you get to heaven, but right now! Do you understand how utterly remarkable this is when you committed the greatest crime of all time? You were a rebel against Him and spat in His face. But He still wants you with Him for all of eternity? Again, not because of who you are, or anything you did (because you were 100% guilty and living in sin), but purely because He loves you. You didn’t, and can’t, earn His love. Or His forgiveness. You’re not deserving. No one is. He loves you because He chose to. He gave His life for you not because you deserved it but because HE LOVES YOU and wants you with Him!

Not just to get you to heaven where He is. Not just to dump you off in the ‘’poor section’’ of heaven because there is none. He wants to adopt you as His own and have you next to Him! To share His heart! Can you really grasp the reality of what He’s done for you? If you could, you couldn’t help but fall broken at His feet and worship Him with everything you have and every minute of your life!

But then He tells you that He has a commission for you. He wants you to represent Him and His name. You’re now an emissary of the God and Creator of all things! He commissions you to tell others who are trapped in their prison cells the same great news that you received! As your eyes were once opened, you now have the privilege to share that good news with others so that their eyes can be opened! To show them that they can be set free and redeemed and united with God Himself!

Because how could you keep that good news to yourself and go back to life as usual, living for yourself? With so much that has been done for, and given to, you so freely and undeservedly! With great love for Jesus, you WANT to please Him. You WANT others to know Him! Because Jesus loves them and wants them for His own, too! So, His desires become your desires because they’re so much greater than anything you could dream of for yourself!

This is the life of a Christian. It’s not a crutch. There’s a price to pay for it. You will lose family. Friends. Influence. Reputation. You will face criticism and persecution. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s for the bravehearted who dare to live it knowing their eternal inheritance with Jesus is priceless and far outweighs ANY hardship you could possibly endure for His Name’s sake!


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