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The Mist ( 2 minutes ago )

loudude : Hopefully they can't do any worse than the horrible train wreck of a terrorist act they called a movie did.

Is Genesis History ( 4 minutes ago )

Abstrakt_Angel : If you aren't a historian, you shouldn't be making a stance on this question. Because you all sound very ignorant saying "NO." Go look into the facts and you will find that Noah's ark was indeed found on Mt. Ararat. Also that many other tribes in the world have stated a flood happened in their lands right around the time coinciding with the biblical story of the great flood. Just because you watch some documentaries doesn't matter; it just makes your cognitive dissonance that much more obvious.

All Eyez on Me ( 4 minutes ago )

Matthew1986 : Should've been titled "Caaaaalifornia love!"

Hear No Evil ( 7 minutes ago )

ReverseEntropy : first off great episode, great story. I have a gripe, though. I hate how they changed the pitch of the guy's voice. It's obvious they raised up the pitch, dude sounds like a fuckin chipmunk. And then they refuse to play any of the most horrifying/damning/interesting bits of the recordings, "out of respect to the victims" ... Bleh. I mean I understand needing to protect victims safety and whatnot, but seriously, nothing? We get none of it? that's both uncharacteristic of THIS SHOW and I think makes the "recordings" smell a bit of bullshit. all we get is the "suspect" making cheesy threats in a room full of helium (apparently). Disappointing, considering this is a show ABOUT the audio tapes, the whole premise is that we get to hear ORIGINAL audio recordings of the crimes, perpetrators, victims, etc.. the producers kinda shit the bed on this one, the audio tapes got about 25 seconds of airtime, and were really barely mentioned. Again this show is supposed to be ABOUT the recordings, focusing on the recordings, and how they help further the investigation, and in this one, with the potential to be the most disturbing and sensational episode of all of them, having the perpetrator actually committing the crimes on tape! and they keep replaying the same 2 statements from the "perpetrator" over and over, not even 30 seconds of recordings get played. at one point they play what's supposed to be audio of one of the women, and it's obviously not original, you can tell it was recorded recently on digital media, and not a tape from the 80's. I even have doubts whether it's the perpetrator's actual voice at all or if they "re-created" the audio, the person on the tape really REALLY sounds like they're reading from a script, and even like they're slightly incredulous about what they're saying. They're over-enunciating each word and each little clip sounds like it was recorded that way, just that bit with nothing leading into it and nothing after it. There's no "flow" that it would have if the "perp" was making a real-time recording. ..And It doesn't sound like they mean it, not at all. Whoever is saying those things is not someone that would actually do those thing, IMO. Also all of the witnesses, police, and everyone involved in the case has a heavy southern accent, whereas the person on the tape does not. It's altered for sure, and I say it's a pretty good possibility that the audio tapes are completely fabricated altogether. The story may be true-ish, but I'm not convinced that these were actual original recordings made by the perpetrator.

Mountain Men ( 10 minutes ago )

iveyrey72 : I'm always talking about how I want to live out in the woods and live free but you know looking at this show it ain't easy man??? survive you have to have some type of skills if not your dead ...!!!! Listen I would learn and live it if that's what it takes to live !!! I love nature !!

Power Rangers ( 11 minutes ago )

Ramchallenger : I remember my heydays ,and actually I'm glad i gave it try . Well done and thank you

Mile Mile & a Half ( 15 minutes ago )

usernamesRtaken : Was I the only one thinking it was a 'Donner Party' snow year? I can't be the only person in the world with such a sick sense of humour.

Claws ( 15 minutes ago )

RicanLunaP : Are you serious? What an episode! That was FANTASTIC!!!!! Loved it. Bring it on. I so want more. I need to see where they are taking this.

Alone ( 21 minutes ago )

doto : soma deez guys are whining pretty early lol

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... ( 23 minutes ago )

meus : Wish this was still updated. New shows have been running every week since April, but not uploaded.

The President Show ( 24 minutes ago )

1bmwdrvr1 : It is too close to reality to be really funny. Electing a narcissistic groper, who's only allegiance is to himself, is taking it's toll on America's standing in the world. Having a buffoon in Chief is funny but embarrassing. This clown does a decent impression of an indecent old fool.

All Eyez on Me ( 28 minutes ago )

josh66613 : Is it just me or do i hear people munchin' on popcorn in the background?

The Night Shift (US) ( 30 minutes ago )

saharri : Evil Cliffhanger!! Love this show and so glad it's back.

The Night Shift (US) ( 32 minutes ago )

hippymama : I love this show

Into the Badlands ( 49 minutes ago )

roozbehm1985 : well that ending hit me like a truck.

Rakka ( 58 minutes ago )

starshineontop : WOW ! This is great, it would make a fantastic full movie or T V show. 9/10

Killer Kids ( 59 minutes ago )

Juliamae09 : Hey uploaders it would be so amazing if you could get more links for season 2! PLEASE! at least openload or you thank you for your awesomness <3

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ( 1 hour ago )

MontyFly : And once again the republican US senate proves they work for the rich and not those that elected them. Nice lack of healthcare bill they introduced to pay for the tax cuts of the top .1%. Covfefe! At least with Trump campaigning again he is less likely to fuck everything up while he rants about building a solar powered wall to save Mexico money because we all know his supporters voted for him because they love solar, love saving Mexico money, and they love Goldman Sax executives. Oh the hypocrisy and irony of it all.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

wayney85 : Rick was clean shaven in parts considering he just shaved and then other parts had stubble! You think the director would make sure he looks the same in every part not like its been days between each scene, LMAO @ Carole pretending to be sweet and innocent :P

Split ( 1 hour ago )

jross31 : Man I loved this. I would definitely recommend watching Unbreakable first though. It has that same lowkey supernatural vibe that I personally loved. This one leaned more toward horror/thriller and that's not usually my thing but this was awesome. This universe he's created is so interesting and I can't wait for Glass in a couple years. Awesome stuff all around.

Wonder Woman ( 1 hour ago )

toasterfraker : Extremely disappointed. I didn't have much hope for a credible interesting Wonder Woman when I saw the casting but all the hype about it raised my expectations... only to have them crash and burn seeing the movie. Doesn't it bother anyone (and I'm not being a troll here) that WW is a supporting character in her own movie? I've seen so many praises for how "feminist" the movie is and yet Diana acts and is treated like a child by the main guy to whom she is nothing more than a love interest. There is not a single interesting female character in the movie, WW included. So yay the movie was directed by a woman... but written by a bunch of dudes and it shows. (Anyone who is willing to discuss the movie can PM me, I'm seriously asking)

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them ( 1 hour ago )

Shadesdown2001 : This "version" was just a whole lot of fluff and not enough subject matter to even be considered as a complete movie. And the most disappointing thing about this entire thing was that both of the parents should have committed suicide. Because in the real world, no body who lost a child would just completely forget their child's existence just like that! This has got to be THE WORST movie, James McAvoy has ever done! I give this movie 2/5 just because of the actors! But, I am going to watch the "Hers" and then "His" versions, I guess... Just to see if anything more about their dead son is revealed. I sure hope so!

Spectral ( 1 hour ago )

sgo_leary : Don't be misled by the campy DVD cover; this was an excellent movie! Great concept and good reveal at the end. 4/5 for me.

Pawn Stars ( 1 hour ago )

hard2believe : The description of the episode is different from featured items, which are WW2 items, a gun from the 18th century, early Sports Illustrated issues and more.

The Family Law ( 1 hour ago )

iveyrey72 : I enjoy it and I think it's funny cute and not boring at all you will enjoy it promise lol and yes they all are funny

All Eyez on Me ( 1 hour ago )

Trump_Sucks : Just watch Tupac Resurrection instead.

The Bob Newhart Show ( 1 hour ago )

battlecrow : Great Episode! Teri Garr was in this one.

Family Guy ( 1 hour ago )

Trump_Sucks : Man the jokes just kept coming non stop. Good episode

Daredevil ( 1 hour ago )

Dancingirl : Great ep! One downside though, Matt getting close to Karen is so pushed, it's unatura, it feels fake. We would have seen something from the beginning of season 1 but it just appeared out of nowhere.

Orphan Black ( 1 hour ago )

goddammit : Ferdinand you have made your bed now you will die in it you evil barsteward.

Queen of the South ( 1 hour ago )

iveyrey72 : This is some series maaaannnnn it's action from then beginning till the end !!!!! It's awesomeness exciting I'm always on my tippy toes waiting for the next move lol . And I don't want the season to ever .... and how bout that??? Lmaoo ;-)

Queen of the South ( 1 hour ago )

phantomgod : Well sh*t hitting the fan now :)

The Night Shift (US) ( 1 hour ago )

irridescansun : I missed this show!!! It's getting so good!

Riviera ( 1 hour ago )

ultimate5195 : Julia Stiles...She could've aged a little better in my opinion, She is a Beautiful women, in that Anglo-American-Irish kind of look....BUT!...She needs to work on her skin, you would think with her A List status, she'd do a little better. But taking in the whole package she fairs well...A beautiful smile, Gorgeous Eyes, and those Legs, Those Thick, Tone, Sexy ass Legs, Now, she must be in the top 10, in that Category.....Loving those Legs Jules ; - }

Brain on Fire ( 2 hours ago )

CounterCookie : Movie is kind of boring. Sad story though. 3/5 stars.

The Last Remake of Beau Geste ( 2 hours ago )

lowoil : Fans of Young Frankenstein would enjoy this. All star cast that is a hoot. So glad I stumbled across this gem.

Killa ( 2 hours ago )

glostarz999 : Really enjoyed that. Thanks to whoever brought it here.

Riviera ( 2 hours ago )

FrillyBits : First 3 episodes I found a bit slow with not much of interest happening, almost gave up but glad I didn't. As the clues pile up and the investigation increases the pace picks up and everyone is busy. It's been a real 'page turner' from episode 4 onwards and I've just taken a coffee break before watching episodes 9 & 10. I am excited to see how it all comes together.

Big Pacific ( 2 hours ago )

patchouligirl : Wonderful ... absolutely wonderful 5/5

Fargo ( 2 hours ago )

joewilltellya : I just finished power watching the whole Season 3. Many here said they thought it was a terrible season and I wish I had gone with their comments and not wasted my time. I see what they mean. It STINKS. It is nothing like Season 2 & 3. As the number 1 comment said "garbage season glad its over so i can forget it happened". Good advice.

The Dinner ( 2 hours ago )

joewilltellya : I apologize if this comment appears twice. I am new to the site and lost a few comments before I realized I had to confirm my email. I thought this movie was slow and boring, fell asleep watching and that is not a good sign.

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta ( 2 hours ago )

nokia2425 : I love this show please keep uploading thank you so much for your time and efforts. One Love Peace

Mile Mile & a Half ( 2 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Having spend a few day trips in Muir woods, I watched this mainly for the amazing scenery. I found the people who made this film were likable and I enjoyed watching their progress. Anyone who has ever had wanderlust and enjoys the outdoors will like this.

Cars 3 ( 2 hours ago )

rubberr : he trains using cutting edge TURN LEFT ... turn LEFT . damn thats hard

Lady Macbeth ( 2 hours ago )

CounterCookie : Damn! didn't see that coming. 4/5 stars.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee ( 2 hours ago )

MontyFly : The church spending millions to prevent a law because the law might cause them to go bankrupt due to more adults coming forward with charges against pedophile priests. Talk about morally bankrupt! Love the word salad archetected convefe segment. Words have meaning or at least they used to pre Trump. Complicit!

Riviera ( 2 hours ago )

lexidreams : This is one of those shows with lots of sex scenes but it's seems almost purposely not meant to be 'sexy' but gross. I don't know if it's poor chemistry, bad directing or the director's weird perspective.

Rakka ( 2 hours ago )

David_Smith : That was pretty cool.

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The Mist

loudude : Hopefully they can't do any worse than the horrible train wreck of a terrorist a ...

Is Genesis History

Abstrakt_Angel : If you aren't a historian, you shouldn't be making a stance on this question. Be ...

All Eyez on Me

Matthew1986 : Should've been titled "Caaaaalifornia love!"

Mountain Men

iveyrey72 : I'm always talking about how I want to live out in the woods and live free but y ...

Power Rangers

Ramchallenger : I remember my heydays ,and actually I'm glad i gave it try . Well done and tha ...

Mile Mile & a Half

usernamesRtaken : Was I the only one thinking it was a 'Donner Party' snow year? I can't be the on ...


RicanLunaP : Are you serious? What an episode! That was FANTASTIC!!!!! Loved it. Bring it on. ...

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